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TRaNSforM working definition of flexibility

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Flexibility is one of the main skills of creative thinking adding the ability to produce thoughts of different perspectives or changing approaches to problem solving. Flexibility is being able to abandon the first decision no matter how attractive it is and having the ability to make changes that enhance the patient and family experience by showing a willingness to collaborate in order to deliver effective care for all.

Explanation from partners


Flexibility is being able to learn from experience through experimentation of viewing individual patient care as having inherent conflict, uniqueness, and ambiguity (Loving, 1993). Organisational flexibility with sufficient time and resources, good interpreting services, and working with families and social services, all related to changes at the organisational level and the availability of sufficient resources. Changes of organisational procedures, allocation of more time to patients with interpreting needs, and involving other services in dealing with social and legal affairs, would free practitioners to focus on delivering effective health care for all. This requires flexibility within the service and a willingness to collaborate with families and other services (Priebe et al, 2011).

Further information

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Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in Health Care


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