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"Identificar competências e propor um modelo prático para a mobilidade de enfermeiros."

Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto has developed considerable work concerning internationalization. The school provides nursing education across a range of levels enabling students to work as general nurses. Lifelong education in Midwifery, Paediatric, Community, Medical-surgical, Mental Health and Rehabilitation Nursing is targeted to working nurses that are mature students and work in various health care settings. Short programmes and study days for working nurses to continue up-skill for practice, are also provided.

Portugal has always been an emigration country. Nevertheless, the integration in the EU and the borders facilities, increased not only the mobility in and out of the country, but we also assisted to an immigration flux from Brazil, Africa, Asia and Eastern countries. In this scenario Portugal became an immigration country as well. In the immigrants’ communities health problems and the social representations about health are often different from the autochthones. To be able to deal and succeed an approach focusing immigrants’ and ethnical minorities health needs, we have to guarantee the adequate level of health care in a population where mobility is increasing. Sharing the information and specialized knowledge, is the basis for an interaction to promote quality. So skills for mobility demand the emergence of a new knowledge and the development of competencies.

We recognize there is limited opportunity for nurses to develop skills for functioning in increasing mobility societies. We considered TraNSforM as a major contribution to advance transcultural knowledge and practice, providing an orientation to better outcomes concerning the health care of a person from another culture with nursing students and with working nurses. It can also facilitate Portuguese nurses to develop skills that support the integration of migrant nurses in workplaces and face the new challenge of caring for migrant patients of diverse origin.

ESEP participation in this project has the following aims:

  • To develop nurses’ competencies and skills to increase nursing care for immigrants’.
  • To facilitate our nurses to integrate and function in transcultural labour market within European Union.
  • To participate in a framework for learning about mobility.
  • To share experiences and evidence with partners and through conference, in order to give a major contribution to basic and lifelong education.

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Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in Health Care


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