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"Ziel dieses Projektes ist es, für die Mobilität in der Pflege notwendige Kompetenzen zu identifizieren und eine Empfehlung für ein praktisches Rahmenwerk zu entwickeln."

The University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld is commited to cooperation with practice organisations in response to concrete practice issues. Its philosophy combines regional involvement with international orientation. The Department of Nursing and Health focusses on the further education of nurses and allied health professionals, preparing them for their new roles in management and teaching, respectively.

Particularly regarding the management role, competence development includes self-reflexion and self-assessment regarding social and cultural skills as well as leadership skills. The recent introduction of portfolio for all learners promotes and fosters competence development. As recipient of "Family Friendly University" awards, the department organises study programmes to make it feasible for employed nurses to successfully follow their further education while working and running a family. As work based learners, nurse management students are directly involved in issues on cooperation and teamwork with a multi-cultural workforce in nursing. Whilst trans-cultural awareness and competence regarding direct patient care has been widely emphasised in pre- and post-registration nurse education, issues relating to an increasingly multi-cultural care team are only starting to surface. With their responsibility for the team as well as for the quality of care, nurse managers have a crucial role in leadership towards trans-cultural awareness and skills within their teams and will have direct impact on cooperation and on patient care within their practice setting.

TRaNSforM will benefit by our taking part in the project by our providing a relevant group of participants (leadership), by our experience with leadership teaching as well as competence development and by the provision of portfolio work as an existing instrument for competence development. In turn, we expect to be able to further develop portfolio work for our learners. Also recently, the europass documents have been introduced to help learners to provide a clear picture of their qualifications, skills and competences in a comprehensive form, understandable across borders. We expect to encourage more nurses to take part in international mobilities and find more suitable international partners for exchange for nurses in leadership and management roles.

Team profiles

Culture pack

View the German culture pack developed by the team (PDF).

Poject activities

Students participating in the project

  • Henrike Greuel - Physical Therapist, Bachelor student (B.A.)
  • Nina Klemann, B.A. - Occupational Therapist, Master student (M.A.)
  • Katrin Kunze, B.A. - Occupational Therapist, Master student (M.A.)
  • Cyrus Pfau - General Nurse, Bachelor student (B.A.)
  • Nadja Trezeciak, B.A. - General Nurse, Master student (M.A.)
  • Susan Zäske, B.A. - General Nurse, Master student (M.A.)

Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in Health Care


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