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On the last day of the Ghent workshop 8th June 2012, the process of evaluation was discussed and the various strategies (previously agreed) were implemented.

A snapshot of individual team members’ perceptions and feelings about their involvement in the project was captured in words and phrases. This rich tapestry of impressions and experiences is presented in the slide on the first page.

The group then divided into small mixed groups (with representation from different countries) and these were asked to evaluate the project process as a whole, using the Appreciative Inquiry model as a guide The first comments relate to the process as a whole the method, process and challenges.

It has been important to capture experiences from individual members, as Appreciative Inquiry is a method of learning and discovery through positive experiences, therefor each stage of AI has been evaluated Discovery, Dream, Design and Deliver. AI as a method was a new concept to most of the participants within the TRaNSforM project. Individual experiences have been recorded each statement is an individuals experience which forms the content of this evaluation.

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Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in Health Care


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