TRaNSforM - Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in health careEuropean Comission - Lifelong Learning Programme
University of Nottingham

Feedback on Dream Experience

  • “I was able to see possibilities, this increases energy and power”
  • “work packages design facilitated discussion and opportunities”
  • “AI formed a basis to discussion”
  • “Focus groups were good, but perhaps could have been enhanced by some quantitative collation of data or prioritising of ideals. This could have been measurable – what is important/least important e.g Delphi Review. However it would be important to maintain a focus on the underpinning assumptions of AI
    Pilot/workshop could have been conducted if there was more preparation time”
  • “Our collective dream is to establish a transform website in each language with a skills framework in each languageWhen discussion took place as a group prior to next work package – enable better understanding of what to do – planning/guidelines”
  • “Provide greater clarity in relation to organisations e.g mobility, work package, numbering made this difficult if mobility A,B,C etc Package 1,2,3 might be better”
  • “International day in work package”
  • “Planning in advance of deadline in a timely fashion with time line for paperwork”
  • “More meetings – hard to negotiate over e-mail “meaning lost in translation” , Could use skype meetings one country to another, in future look at different ways of communication”
  • “Highest priority to have at least 2 representatives from each country”
  • “Sharing of own experience – helped develop and build networks”

Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in Health Care


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