TRaNSforM - Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in health careEuropean Comission - Lifelong Learning Programme
University of Nottingham

Feedback on Discovery Experience

  • “To have a person with multicultural background was useful”
  • “Cultural understanding and social aspects are extremely important as this allows each person to network and contribute in an informal and enriching way. This reinforces what they have learnt from format workshops.
  • “Learning Transferable skills”
  •  “Learning from each other”
  • “Discussions were eye opening into what happens in other countries”
  • “Recognising the similarities that learning and getting ideas on module content”
  • “I can grow and make things happen “you are good but you can do better”
  • “Lots of informal chats where I began to understand by sharing stories about policies and health care systems – face book problems and students professional accountability”
  • “Learning about clinical placement clinical teaching in other countries”
  • “Discovering how different countries support students in practice”
  • “Created a new vision of my country and the people of other countries”
  • “I learnt more about my own country and culture” “Discovering similarities between our cultures”
  • “Understanding about experiences and differences in other countries- and all cultural ways of being”
  • “People were very brave in trying to speak and get others to understand what they were saying”
  • “Personal development enrichment especially language skills”
  • “I learnt I need to stop and think of what I say, and say it slowly so people can understand”
  • “I think about words being used and how they are interoperated” “ Made me think I wanted to learn another language”
  • “This project has helped me understand how different it is for other people who don’t speak English” “
  • “Learning about different cultures rituals and beliefs, I began to understand similarities in values and beliefs of other countries”
  • “Hospital visits were interesting and an insight to different health care systems”
  • “I became aware I may unintentionally cause offence to another culture; I have become more sensitive to other cultures”

Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in Health Care


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