TRaNSforM - Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in health careEuropean Comission - Lifelong Learning Programme
University of Nottingham

Feedback on Design Experience

  • “I found it difficult at the beginning hard to think positively but at end became easy”
  • “I was not convinced it was the only method that could have been used felt it was complicated. Now we feel it fitted the project”
  • “We use it already but began to build on it”
  • “Making friends”
  • “It took a while to get up to speed sometimes my mind does not think in that way”
  • “It has been fun”
  • “I began to apply it to my approach to my students Finding out new technologies – new ways of workingThink positively about migration Migration is good you can contribute to patient quality of care”
  • “Can be used in management of education with reducing resources, can show students what works”
  • “There was good involvement from all countries in contributing and giving feedback to working definitions and skills - to be successful this could be done at one of the meetings as this was hard to do through e-mail”
  • “Created opportunities for new curriculum modules”
  • “I have made professional contacts for the future”
  • “Good way of gathering of data collectively”
  • “I have developed own language skills (English)”
  • “Design facilitated a rich pool of personal experience – would have been valuable to capture- possible would of benefitted to have video of experience”
  • “Lovely experience within our team between students and clinical partners”
  • “There was Lots of respect between the individuals sharing patience, interest genuine not superficial creating deeper understanding”
  • “I have enjoyed sharing mutual interests, discovering how other people socialise, what they do in their spare time”
  • “Widened my horizons eg Finland clinic funded and managed by the university finding that was new to many of us, innovation in Turkish health care”

Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in Health Care


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