TRaNSforM - Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in health careEuropean Comission - Lifelong Learning Programme
University of Nottingham

What have been the challenges?

  • Gaining access to student availability
  • Fitting within academic year—Exams/holidays
  • Too long between meetings without communication, people sometimes forget what we had agreed to do
  • I found translation very tiring after an hour my head hurts I needed breaks to translate from our own language to English. The programme was designed to give breaks—sometimes these needed to be longer.
  • English speaking people made huge effort to understand languages, having only one project language was demanding on those that did not speak it.
  • Working days were long and tough because understanding complexity of language and interpretation of meanings takes time and energy
  • Role of student mobility needs to be identified and agreed at outset of the project
  • Role of professionals identified and agreed, also consider involvement in dissemination
  • Richness of opportunities that we didn’t have time to explore and capture richness of stories
  • We could have use richness of discussions from group meetings that needed to have been recorded, although this was not the intention of the project

Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in Health Care


Dr Carol Hall
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