TRaNSforM - Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in health careEuropean Comission - Lifelong Learning Programme
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Appreciative inquiry - philosophy & method

This investigative approach originated from a drive to create a practical model of organisational change. It is based on a belief in the importance of drawing on the positive and the need to highlight best practice both seen and desired. 

In this context of international workforce development a focus on the positive should help us to reduce the chance of compounding discrimination and support the positive inclusion of different cultural approaches to care.

It is a dynamic and forward thinking approach:- 

“It is an inquiry process that tries to apprehend the factors that give life to a living system and seeks to articulate those possibilities that can lead to a better future”

Cooperider,D.(1990) Positive image; positive action: The affirmative basis of organising In S.Srivastva & D. L. Cooperider (Eds) Appreciative management and leadership, 91-125 San Francisco, CA:Jossey-Bass

Four D model for inquiry

The four ‘D’ model for inquiry 

  • Discovery - Identifying & Valuing the best of what is
  • Dream - Envisioning what might be
  • Design - Deciding what should be
  • Delivery - Innovating what will be

The workpackages identified in this project follow this sequence of investigation and activity.

Training Requirements and Nursing Skills for Mobility in Health Care


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